Instructions For Applying Graphics

Ok so you have your graphics for your boat and your boat is painted. But you are nervous about applying your decals especially the big ones. Well this is a down and dirty guide that will take the fear of screwing up on this beautiful boat you've spent all this time building. There are a lot of misconceptions about what is and is not correct with regards to RC Boat graphics. If you have printed graphics...listen carefully. You WILL NEED some sort of protection to protect them from fuel. Whether you are clearing over them with automotive clear or the decal has a clear laminate over it already it does need protection from fuel either nitro or gasoline. The color on printed vinyl WILL run when fuel hits it if not protected. Plus it is only UV rated for three years in most cases. Cut vinyl resists fuel better but the adhesive on the decal is still compromised by fuel so consider protecting that as well.

To apply graphics to your boat you will need the following:

Yellow 12 inch Poly Blend Squeegee4 Inch Polyvinyl Squeegee.

Spray bottle with WATER ONLY and the nozzle set for fine mist.  Do NOT use soapy water! Soap will affect the adhesive's ability to stick to your boat.


      Blue or green painters tape.      

Knife Weeding Tool   Xacto Knife with pristine blade

1. Placement is usually pretty important. Exspecially in a Scale Boat. That is what the painters tape is for. Place your graphic where you want it. Take a piece of tape and put it along either the top edge or side edge over the premask tape that is on your graphic. Now, you have that one side is on your graphic and one side is for your boat or part. Once it is placed affix the tape to the boat or part. Now you can lift the decal using the tape like a hinge.

2. Once the graphic is lifted remove the backing paper. Before you lay it down shoot a FINE mist of water over the surface. Do not use too much water since the graphics will not stick and you will not be able to remove the premask tape from your graphic!

3. Now with the squeegee in one hand you can begin to lay the graphic down. Working from the edge that is taped, work the squeegee over your graphic lightly as you lay it down. This helps remove water and helps to eliminate bubbles under your graphic.

4. Now take the squeegee and you can more forcefully work the graphic and remove excess water from under is and burnish it down to the area it is being applied to.

5. Very slowly begin to remove the premask from your graphic. Pull at a 45 degree angle or more to the direction of the graphic. Also pull low not up from the graphic. If you graphic starts to come up as well...lay it back down and work with squeegee some more. Another reason to just use a light mist of water.

6. Once you remove the premask tape check for bubbles. If you have some bubbles use the squeegee and knife tip to lightly pop and sgueegee out.

7. Lightly dab the area, DO NOT WIPE, with a towel to remove any water left. Preferrably not a paper towel.

8. Allow some time for any moisture to dry before applying clear coat since any water may make clear coat cloudy.

You can do this dry if you wish. Just use the same application method minus the water. If you have a large graphic use several pieces of painters tape and you can cut the premask and apply in sections.

If you have any other questions you can call or email us.