Jim Pitich's Fleet-2014 and 2012 Qatar and 2007 Beacon 1/8 Scale

Rick Stoner's 1994 Smokin' Joe's 1/6th Scale

Dave Weagel's 1969 Myr's Special 1/6th Scale

Don McKay's 1989 Oh Boy Oberto 1/8 Scale

Chuck Murray's 1963 Miss US 1/10th Scale

Chuck Wayne's 1993 Oh Boy Oberto in San Diego config 1/10th Scale

Sam Hagan's 2014 Graham Trucking 1/8 Scale

Mitch Dillard's 1985 Squire Shop 1/10th Scale

Geoff Grembowski's 1979 Miss Circus Circus 1/8 Scale

Fred Olson's 1980 Pay N' Pak 1/8 Scale

Ron Forister's 1/10th Scale 2014 Oh Boy Oberto

John Olson's Country Boy

Bill Brandt's 1/8 Scale 82 Gilmore

Mitch Dillard's 1/10th Scale 2007 Boeing 787

Don Ferrette's FE 1/8 Scale 2006 Miss Elam

Bob Gutsell's 1989 Oh Boy! Oberto 1/8 Scale

Rob Duckering's 1/8 Scale 1993 Miss Rock

Tony KIontz' 1/10 Scale FE 1957 Miss Bardahl

Kevin Lichlyter's 1/8 Scale 2012 Matrix System

Ted McKay's 1/10th Scale 1974 ValuMart

Marc Deaver's 1/10th Scale FE 2003 Miss Elam Plus

Kirk Pagels 1/10th Scale FE 1969 Miss Schweppes

Mike Board's 1/8 Scale 1989 Winston Eagle Lobster

Ivan Bourdier's 1/6 Scale Gas 1984 Lite All Star

Samuel Hagan's 2002 Miss Budweiser T6

Lohring Miller's 1965 $ Bill 1/6 Gas Scale
Dave Brandt's 1995 Pico American Dream

David Newton's 1/8 Scale FE 2012 Qatar

Jim Stephens' 10th Scale FE 1992 T-Plus

Todd Fluery's 1/10 Scale FE 2012 Qatar

Gary Grembowski's 2011 Lakeridge Paving

Fred Olson's 2001 Znetix

Greg Hahn's 2012 Spirit of Qatar

Doug Smock's 1978 Squire FE built by Mike Luszcz

Harvey Leiberman's 2001 Miss Budweiser T-6 1/6th Gas Scale

Chris Breen's 1998 LLumar

The Speed and Feed at Tri Cities 2012. Five of the seven are sporting graphics from TBG.com

John Olson's 1976 Miss Vernors
Merv Sowden's 2011 Spirit of Qatar 
Bob Brackett's 2011 Graham Trucking

Rob Duckering's 1995 Miss Budweiser T4

Kirk Maupin's 2008 Miss Chrysler Jeep

Bob Brackett's 2011 Valken.com (complete stripe kit on this)

Ed Krumnow's 1994 Smokin' Joe's

Dave Brandt's 2008 U-1 Miss Elam Plus

Jim Stephens' 1/10th scale FE Miss Renault

Jim Stephens' FE 1/10th Scale 1971 Hallmark Homes

George Anastasi's 1958 Wildroot Charlie

John Olson's 1/6th Scale Gas 1974 U-95

Dan Brandon's 2010 Spirit of Detroit/Miss DYC

Mike Malloy's 2010 Albert Lee Appliance

Merv Sowden's Peters & May and Elam

Joe Steiman's 1/4 Scale '91 Winston (San Diego Configuration)

More of Joe Steiman's 91 Winston Eagle

Buddy Lowe's Miss Rock

Mike Luszcz' Newest Fleet Addition 1980 Pay N Pak Turbine

David Newton's 2000 Miss Budweiser T3

Steve Gualteri's 1976 Olympia Beer

Mike Hughes' Thunderboat

Mike McKnight's G-1 Crackerbox

Bo Garidel's 1994 Miss Budweiser

George Anastasi's 1966 Chrysler Crew

Doug Shepard's 2010 Miss Peters and May

Mike Luszcz' 1989 Winston Eagle Lobster

Butch Londrigan's 2003 Miss E-Lam Plus

Mike McKnight's 1978 Miss Circus Circus

Fred Olson's 1960 Miss Thriftway
1st Annual Roger Newton Memorial Best of Scale Winner

1991 Winston Eagle Painted By Dean Werges

Joe Wiebelhaus' 1984 Squire Shop

Preston McKnight's 1988 Miller High Life

Joey Caines 2006 Oberto built by Don McKay

Mike McKnight's 1994 Miss Exide

Mike McKnight's 1989 Circus Circus Pink Lady

Pat Ochs' 1992 Frosted Flakes

Brent Edinger's 1970 Atlas Van Lines

Geoff Grembowski's 2000 Appian Jeronimo

Roger Newton's 2006 Formula Boats I

1986 Miss 7 Eleven

Todd Osman's 1957 Short Circuit

Troy Davis' 1999 Miss E-Lam 2007 NAMBA Nationals Concourse & Race Winner

Jack Walter's 2001 Miss Budweiser

David Newton's 1986 Mr. Pringle's

David Brandt's 1997 Pico Snorkel Boat

David Newton's 1985 Miss 7 Eleven

Ryan Partee's 1989 Winston Eagle White

Don Maher's 1974 Notre Dame

Don Ferrette's 1968 Miss Eagle Electric

Mike Luszcz' 1982 Executone