Welcome to Thunderboat Graphics.com! We supply graphics for Radio Control raceboats of all sizes from 1/10th Scale FE to 1/6 Scale Gas Scale Unlimiteds We specialize in Scale Unlimited Hydros ONLY. You can get Scale Graphics in several places but the Scale enthusiast that wants the graphics right come to us every time. Why are we different? First, our Scale sets are more accurate and complete than any place you will find. We make every effort to have every decal that appeared on the real boat and it will be the right color and size or we will replace it for free. We treat our sets like we were making them for OUR OWN boats. Keep in mind that almost all of our sets are sized to Newton Marine paint schemes so there may be some variation between the paint scheme and the hull kit you have so please tell us what hull you have as some custom sizing may be necessary. We may be a little more expensive and sometimes we have delays but our decals are second to none. Take a look around and if we don't have the set you want we'll draw it for you.  All sets listed have the full permission of the copyright holder to use the logo and or artwork for use in model boating. In fact many of our sets contain the original artwork from the sponsor. Prices Listed are for 1/8 Scale Unlimiteds. For Gas Scale and Thunderboats add $25


Featured News

2-14-2018 - Several new sets have been added to the catalog. The 1976 Sunny Jim. the 2009 Master Tire and now a complete sets for the 1978 Miss Tri Cities Mark N Pak and 2017 Griggs Presents Miss Ace Harware are now available. Also, please review the buttons to the left. PRICING has now been changed to ORDERING. Please review the policy that has been posted so that there is no misunderstanding.

11-22-17 - It's been a long time between updates. Sorry for that but Fall is a very busy time around here. Most of you know that this is a side business for me and that Sept 1 through late November I am very busy with my primary business. I do my best to keep things moving but that is difficult at times. However, I am making some changes for 2018 that may solve that at least in part. I will know more in 2018. In the mean time things are returning to almost normal and I am clearing out the backlog and taking new orders. I am also getting some drawing time in. I have added two new sets the 1982 Miss Prodelco and the 1988 Vantage Ultra. Both of these kits are available with trim to fit striping kits as well. All you have to do is paint the white base coat and the rest is decals and then clear it.

I also want to clear up some previous posts at this time. I had posted on a couple of message boards that I would be closing the decal business in 2018. That is NO LONGER the case. However, ordering procedures will be changing somewhat. More on that by next spring as I determine how changes in my regular business will be happening.

Next, I want to address some negative posts about me that have appeared on one of the message boards. There are always complaints of my delivery times and I do not deny that. Unlike my primary business this is a ONE MAN operation. I do not have the luxury of having my son or brother doing my work so that I can play with RC Boats all day. I wish I did but I don't. One of my competitors apparently does and that's great for him. But you would think that with all that extra time his decals would look better. I can make this statement because I have seen his work first hand and here is what I have found.

1 - Completely inaccurate lettering or even missing letters in certain decals. I have pictures of this too

2 - Pixellated decals from enlarging a picture beyond its limits. I use very few picture files in my work.

3 - Decals that are the wrong color. Stars that are green and supposed to be gold. I've seen this twice.

4 - Lettering that is not only wrong but is supposed to have a drop shadow and that was done by two layer of the same wrong letters offset slightly. Where the edge of the     bottom layer creates an edge in the top layer.

The list goes on. I may have complaints about my production time occasionally but I can assure you that nothing like what is listed will ever leave my shop. I have been a Scale Unlimited boater for 17 years. I started this business because of decals I received from another supplier that were not accurate. I spend a lot of time doing the research to create the most accurate decals for our boats. Like a lot of you I look at it as I am building THE boat itself. If I wouldn't put it on my boat I won't let it leave my shop. Plain and simple. I don't do "Close Enough" or "Good Enough". If "Close Enough" is ok for you then you are welcome to go elsewhere to my competitors. I will not sacrifice my reputation on "Close Enough". I prefer not to guess if I can avoid it. The same goes for my building. I can honestly say I have never had a boat protested because of a major construction inaccuracy. My competitors have. In fact, I have builds underway and planned that will surprise you.

With that look for more new sets to be added to a list of scale boats that is already unequalled in Scale Unlimiteds. I will be out of the office until after Thanksgiving weekend but please feel free to email me at mike.mcknight@prolinemedia.net. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


6-23-17 - With the 8/1 deadline looming this announcement will come as welcome news. After some major lobbying by a number of boaters we will be keeping the boat graphics shop open for probably one more year. However, if you want decals for this winter's projects the 8/1 deadline would be a good one to aim for. Fall is a very busy time of year for us and production on graphics slows down til about November.

Also since we are going to stay around a bit longer a complete overhaul of the website will be happening as well.

3-14-17 - IMPORTANT! We have signed a new lease and will resume taking orders. However, we will be phasing out boat graphics later this year. The absolute last day for orders will be August 1st, 2017.

1-25-17 - IMPORTANT! We will be suspending taking new orders as of 1/31/17. Our current lease is up on 2/28. We are not renewing it due to improvements that have not been done by new owner. If a new lease cannot be secured we will be closing indefinitely. Our apologies for any inconvenience.